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Isabel Gómez, global marketing manager of Lubrizol Life Science.

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31 Oct 2023 — AB Biotics, a specialist in probiotics for diversified health targets, was exhibiting its product innovation on the show floor of CPhI in Barcelona, Spain. Meanwhile, Lubrizol Life Science highlighted its microencapsulation technology for stabilizing iron supplements, in the popular format of nutritional gummies, at the show. 
Nutrition Insight was in attendance at the event, speaking to both companies about their product innovation and market research.
“We’re really invested in understanding consumer behavior. Through that, we carry our own AI-driven market research and have been able to gather thousands of conversations in social media regarding supplements,” Isabel Gómez, global marketing manager, Nutraceuticals at Lubrizol Life Science, tells us.
“The most important insight we got from this research is that consumers are not only trying to find products that are backed by claims and science, but also that they are asking for emotional and sensory-appealing products, alongside products they can take on-the-go so that they can stay proactive with their nutritional goals,” notes Gómez.
Isabel Gómez, global marketing manager of Lubrizol Life Science.Isabel Gómez, global marketing manager of Lubrizol Life Science, on the show floor of CPhI in Barcelona, Spain.Microencapsulation of iron for stability
Based on its research, Lubrizol Life Science developed a prototype of iron-fortified gummies that can meet consumer needs in a single dose, which it showcased at the CPhI trade fair.
“A proven benefit for the iron included in these gummies are the functionalities of Lipofer, which is water dispersible micronized source of iron that has been microencapsulated to enhance iron absorption and to reduce undesirable organoleptic attributes. This is provided in a sensory-appealing format,” highlights Gómez.
Iron fortification is generally considered the best approach for preventing or eradicating iron deficiency; however, Lubrizol Life Science stresses that the chemical reactivity of iron types often results in discoloration or the development of off-flavors, as well as reduced bioavailability.
In order to study the efficiency of Lipofer microcapsules on iron absorption versus non-encapsulated ferric pyrophosphate, Lubrizol Life Science carried out laboratory trials on four groups of rats.
Three sources of iron (ferric pyrophosphate, ferrous sulfate and Lipofer microcapsules) at a dose of 10 mg iron/kg were administered orally and the concentration of iron was quantified through atomic absorption after 12 hours.
Results showed that Lipofer microcapsules are 3.5 times more bioavailable than ferric pyrophosphate and 2.7 times more than ferrous sulfate.
Diversity of probiotic potential
AB Biotics has been developing its portfolio of probiotic solutions, which has led to a broadening list of use cases. 
“We have developed many strains over the course of the last 19 years. We have focused our attention on developing a strong science behind the strains we are documenting. We have developed a lot of mechanistic testing in the laboratory and over 30 clinical trials have been published on our strains,” Miquel Bonachera , founder, co-CEO, CFO and executive director at AB-Biotics, tells Nutrition Insight.
“In product developments, we have developed different applications. The main target market for probiotics is gastrointestinal applications, but we have expanded several focuses outside of this. We can see effects in other outcomes, like menopause relief – which we have just documented clinically. Probiotics can increase the estrogen levels of women in menopause, for instance. We have also documented cholesterol management applications.”
Among AB Biotics’ range of functional probiotics is Gyntima (or AB-Intimus), an oral supplement that restores the vaginal microbiota after an infection, to prevent relapses and support antibiotic treatment. It is sold in containers of 30 capsules for a preventive treatment against candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis.
Range of probiotic supplements from AB-Biotics exhibited at the CPhI trade fair.Range of probiotic solutions from AB-Biotics, exhibited on the show floor of CPhI.Targeting dental health, AB-Dentalac protects the oral cavity from caries, gum issues and bad breath, as a complement to daily brushing and flossing. In the same category, AB-Impalac is being tested to prevent and improve peri-implantitis symptoms.
In the heart health segment, AB-Life reduces cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels, while LipiGO helps promote safe weight loss and maintenance “without risks of rebound.”
For promoting mental health, AB-Biotics developed Mindbiome Plus as a probiotic formulation to enhance mind functions, including memory and concentration. Alongside this is Mindbiome, which shields the body from the damaging effects of stress and improves cognitive functions, by modulating the gut-brain axis.
Aside from these highlighted offerings, the company supplies bacterial strains for improving biomarkers of pediatric health, eye health, skin health and gastrointestinal issues.
“There are markets for probiotics that are maturing, such as the US,” he notes. “We see ourselves doubling in the US every year. But regions like China, for instance, still hold great potential. We have established a nice team in China to give ourselves better access to this market.”
“Meanwhile, Southeast Asia presents a lot of regulatory hurdles. So we will work like ants, fulfilling our requirements step by step to reach these markets in a very competitive capability considering all these barriers to entry.”
By Benjamin Ferrer, reporting from CPhI in Barcelona, Spain
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The Nutraceutical Business of Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health) specializes in added-value functional food ingredients, enabling differentiated nutraceutical solutions with scientific backing. Our core technology strength in microencapsulation applied to botanical and mineral ingredients, gives us potential basis to enable our customers to develop premium products with leading performance claims. Lipofoods™ Nutraceutical Ingredients is the umbrella brand and includes all existing brands for the microencapsulated products.
Some benefits of using Lipofoods™ microencapsulation technology are: controlled interactions with other components, minimized unpleasant taste, enhanced bioavailability, improved stability and dispersibility in final formulas as well as controlled release of functional ingredients. Consequently, easy formulation of various types of nutraceutical applications is enabled.

Our products target a variety of people from all age groups and can support a healthy aging and an active living, offering added-value ingredients that target different health conditions such as immune health, cardiovascular health, bones health, energy and endurance, cognitive health and skin health.
Lipofoods product line includes branded microencapsulated minerals: MAGSHAPE microcapsules (MAGNESIUM), LIPOFER microcapsules (iron), LIPOCAL microcapsules (calcium) and ZINCNOVA microcapsules (zinc) and botanicals: : ASTAGILE microcapsules  (astaxanthin), CURCUSHINE microcapsules (curcumin), LIPOPHYTOL microcapsules (plant sterols) and NEWCAFF microcapsules (caffeine) with proven efficacy.

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