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Sepura Launches Streamlined TETRA Hand Portable to Support … – The Critical Communications Review

Source: The Critical Communications Review | Gert Jan Wolf editor
The SC23 will be publicly launched at Critical Communications World in Helsinki.

Sepura has launched the SC23, a robust hand-portable TETRA radio with a reduced keypad and streamlined feature set of core TETRA functionality. The SC23 will be publicly launched at Critical Communications World in Helsinki.
The new radio complements the existing SC Series of TETRA radios, providing an ideal device for users that do not require extended functionality such as mining, utilities, transport and airport baggage handling.
Featuring critical safety features in line with the market-leading SC20, including enhanced fidelity audio, easy-find emergency buttons, water porting and dust protection, the SC23 has a reduced keypad, monochrome screen and does not include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
The SC23 operates on the same frequency bands as the SC20, including VHF, providing extended coverage across expansive outdoor environments or complex underground networks. This streamlined capability means the device is ideal for pool users, and other operators who need a simplified functionality to perform their role.
The SC23 features the same accessory connections and batteries as the existing SC20 and SC21 TETRA radios, meaning that existing audio accessories, battery chargers and carrying devices are compatible with the new device, reducing the total cost of ownership for the user organisation.
Phil Woodley, Head of Products – Devices at Sepura said: “We are seeing a particular demand from the mining industry around the world, where teams of pool workers need a simple to use, reliable and robust radio to cover their shifts.
“The SC23 is the ideal radio to support these users, giving fleet managers the benefit of a trusted, proven device to complement the SC20 and the SCG22 mobile radio, enhancing staff safety on sites.”
Anthony Sutton, Worldwide Sales Director at Sepura, added: “Sepura is continuing to invest in its TETRA portfolio, to support of users in critical fields such as mining, transport and utilities. The new SC23 is a key addition for these users, which can seamlessly be added to a Sepura fleet to provide core critical communications.”
The SC23 will be demonstrated at Critical Communications World 2023 and can be seen online here.
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