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Save $110 During Prime Day on My Favorite Water Filtration System – CNET

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The iSpring Tankless Water Filtration System gave me counter space – and really good-tasting water
I have a thing with water: I drink a lot of it, care about the way it tastes, and always prefer it sans contaminants. After many years of using a countertop water filter, I finally switched to the iSpring water filtration system, which hides under the sink and gives me delicious water on demand. And it happens to be nearly $110 off for Amazon’s Big Deal Days right now.
Years ago, I invested in a Berkey filter, a huge stainless-steel canister that sits on the kitchen counter and promises to dispense delicious, chemical-free water. The water did taste good, but the maintenance of filling it up, cleaning it, and buying expensive filters (that were often out of stock or sold by third-parties) wore on me. So when I went to look for a new water filter option, I was clear about my must-haves:
Small footprint: It would need to fit neatly under the sink, but still leave room for all the cleaning supplies and dishwashing pods I store there.
Clean water: After researching various system types, I determined that reverse osmosis (RO) would be the most effective in removing “forever chemicals,” like PFOS and PFOA.
Remineralization. Since RO systems are designed to remove everything that isn’t H2O, it was important that the new system would add important minerals back in, like calcium, magnesium, and sodium.
Basic maintenance: If it required anything more than swapping out filters occasionally, it was a no-go.
Easy installation: No more than a few hours, with the help of a handyman (aka, my dad).
After many hours of research in consideration of the above, I finally found iSpring’s under-sink system. Tankless, it takes little space and uses a sleek design that feels like it could (almost) belong in an Apple store. It includes remineralization, indicator lights that tell you when a filter needs to be replaced, and a simple installation (with dad’s help) with the included faucet. 
The verdict? I’ve had it for 5 months and I’m thrilled. My water tastes really, really good. The water flows quickly and at a fast rate, letting me fill up water bottles or my tea kettle with ease. As of today, iSpring doesn’t have the coveted NSF certification for its systems (and competitors like Aquasana do), but according to the company’s response to an Amazon user, that certification is in progress. 
As far as maintenance is concerned, the system uses three separate filters that you’ll need to spend about $100 on every 1-2 years, according to iSpring, depending on the quality of your tap water and how often you dispense the filtered water. 
With those caveats in place, I think the 4.6 out of 5 stars from almost 500 users sums it up nicely: this is a superior water filtration system, and you can get this week for $110 less than I did.


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