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Rolls-Royce Power Systems signs partnership on digital twin … – Riviera Maritime Media

Rolls-Royce Power Systems said it is partnering with Iotics to power its digital twin technology, expand its digital ecosystem and deliver “customer service 4.0”
Rolls-Royce Power Systems plans to create digital twins of its in-field assets, and receive real-time event insights across customer, supplier and partner boundaries.
The company’s chief IT digital officer Jürgen Winterholler said the digital twin technology would help to improve customer service.
“Together with Iotics we are building digital solutions around how they work for our customers’ needs,” he said.
A digital twin is a real-time, virtual representation of a physical product, including its lifecycle, context, operating environment, behaviour, ecosystem and performance.
Every Rolls-Royce Power Systems’ physical product will have its own digital twin to obtain, share and exchange data and controls across a range of management systems for use by the company, its customers, partners and suppliers.
The digital twin will capture events across the entire lifecycle of an asset, creating a timeline which can then be used to make data-driven decisions and allow unrelated data sources to interact seamlessly.
Mr Winterholler outlined Rolls-Royce’s vision for “customer service 4.0” which he said is “seeing the world the way your customers do, collaborating with them, their customers, and our service partners, to deliver greater efficiencies, enhanced insights and new opportunities, without compromising on the quality and security they expect.”
Iotics chief executive Robin Brattel said the agreement was “a strong endorsement” of its operating environment and toolset and added that Rolls-Royce’s vision of the future of customer service, “is inspiring and precisely the sort of project Iotics’ technology was engineered to facilitate.”
In November 2019, Iotics received £6.5M (US$8.0M) in funding from European investors Talis Capital, IQ Capital and Breed Reply. Iotics previously collaborated with Rolls-Royce in developing the latter’s customer service tool Go!Manage.
The companies have now signed an ongoing agreement that will allow Rolls-Royce Power Systems to harness Iotics technology.
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