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Remedy Asset Protection,Consultancy, Testing and Inspection … – Water Technology

Remedy Asset Protection offers consultancy and inspections service to the water industry, focusing on both steel and concrete structures.
Remedy Asset Protection provides unique solutions for concrete and steel structures.
Concrete structures require the use of unique skills for the selection of appropriate coating systems depending on the integrity of the structure, the service environment and project objectives.
Elastomeric membrane coatings, geotextile-reinforced elastomeric polyurethane, such as Polibrid; and glass-reinforced rigid coatings, including epoxy or vinyl ester resins, are also available.
Remedy Asset Protection aims to provide detailed coating inspection service duties in compliance with clients’ specifications and industry standards.
Compiled reports include a timeline of the coating project while documenting any site-based issues and non-conformances, compiling an easy reference to apply commercial warranties and defend against any potential failure analysis.
The company’s staff, inspections, reports and consultancy services are proactively delivered in order to ensure a high-quality project delivery for the client.
Remedy Asset Protection provides appraisals to determine suitable service environment for water structures, which can be exposed to a wide range of different service environments such as sodium hypochlorite solutions, hydrogen sulphide gasses, potable water, wastewater, recycled water or abrasion from grit.
By understanding the client’s expectations for a protective coatings project, Remedy Asset Protection can recommend a range of solutions that will reduce costs over the asset’s required lifecycle.
Many structures within the water industry requiring protective coatings include tanks, pipes, clarifiers, sludge digestion tanks, grit chambers, buffer tanks, acid spill containment bunds, maintenance shafts, manholes, sewer pump stations, and gas check chambers.
The company is experienced in remedial concrete assessment, which may include epoxy injection systems for treating cracks, spalling concrete using treatment of reinforcing steel in conjunction with epoxy mortar patch repairs.
Remedy Asset Protection also treats carbonated concrete using migrating corrosion inhibitors, tests concrete humidity and surface moisture, and remediates active cracks using waterproof gaskets.
Surface preparation such as laitance removal, and the application of specialised protective coatings and linings, are also available.
Remedy Asset Protection balances the required assessments and develop a specific project coatings specification to assist clients in preparation of project documentation and contracts.
These include standards, testing requirements, coating systems, inspection test plans, and site reporting documents.
Remedy Asset Protection also provides documents to ensure contractors conduct their procedures using best practice work systems, such as the order of works, treatment of coating interfaces and terminations, areas of risk, examples of defects, and criterion for rejection of coated areas.
The company is experienced in understanding standards and their application in the field, confined space entry and rescue systems, scaffold and special access systems, environmental containment structures, and management of hazardous coatings removal (including lead, chromates, and coal tar epoxy).
Remedy Asset Protection offers inspection services that complement its project planning and documentation capabilities.
These services include:
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