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Paranthan Chemicals gears for disinfecting environment – The Island – The Island.lk

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As the nation is fighting against Covid-19 pandemic, state owned chemicals giant Paranthan Chemicals functioning under the purview of Ministry of Industries has taken prudent and timely endeavors by expanding its production capacity of sodium hypochlorite which is a highly sought after chemical for disinfecting purposes.
The World Health Organization highlights the application of chlorine based products such as sodium hypochlorite which displays a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and is effective against several common pathogens at various concentration, in its recent Interim Guidance on “Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in the Context of COVID-19”.
In the global context, sodium hyphocholoride is sprayed over several residential, official and commercial buildings, open areas, markets, public road transports, railways which has also raised the local demand as disinfectant.
In order to fulfill such local demand from many public authorities, security forces, private institutions and household, Paranthan Chemicals has expedited production operation and supplies and thereby working hand in hand with them in this crisis situation to ensure a safe and secure Sri Lanka.
Sodium hypochlorite is manufactured from chlorine which is not only the most widely used water disinfectant but also highly effective against waterborne pathogens. In particular, this helps to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and typhoid. Interestingly, Paranthan Chemicals fulfills the entire chlorine requirement of the nation which is essential for national water purification and for other manufacturing industries.  
Chairman of Paranthan Chemicals Eng. Upul Ranaweera states that “As a responsible state agency, Paranthan Chemicals is much committed with our chemicals supplies essential for disinfection of our nation, which is a timely commitment. We also expect to introduce “Paranthan Real Bleach”, a multipurpose Chlorine Bleach will be manufactured with sodium hypochlorite and distributed to households through selected supermarket channels in Sri Lanka”, in near future.
These chemicals are manufactured under the supervision of our engineers with the technical knowledge and knowhow would meet quality and technical standards. Organizations in search of sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting may contact Paranthan Chemicals. Let Paranthan Chemicals be the partner to create an infection free, safe and secure nation.

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The ex-boss of leading artificial intelligence firm OpenAI has posted a photo of himself at its HQ, following reports he is set to return after being sacked on Friday.
Writing on X, formerly Twitter, Sam Altman is pictured holding a guest ID pass and comments: “First and last time i ever wear one of these”.
The 38-year-old helped launch the firm which created the popular ChatGPT bot.
On Friday the board dismissed Mr Altman saying it had lost confidence in him.
Reports this weekend, however, have suggested investors and employees are pushing for Mr Altman to be reinstated.
According to tech news site The Information, Mr Altman and Greg Brockman – another co-founder who quit on Friday as the company’s president – were invited to the firm’s San Francisco headquarters for talks on Sunday.
The BBC has contacted OpenAI for comment.
Mr Altman is seen as one of the most influential figures in the fast-growing generative AI space and his sacking sent shock waves across the industry.
In a letter on Friday, the company’s board accused him of not being “consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities”.
The board did not specify what he is alleged to have not been candid about.
However, whatever the board was so alarmed about on Friday has perhaps been overtaken by the global reaction to its decision. There may also have been fears of Mr Altman setting up a rival company and taking OpenAI’s top talent with him.
Reports this weekend suggested his sacking had angered current and former employees who were worried it might affect an upcoming $86bn (£69bn; €79bn) share sale.
The firm’s venture capitalist backers and the tech giant Microsoft – which has a $10bn stake in OpenAI – have also called for his return, according to the FT.
Sources say there have been a couple of sleepless nights in Seattle, the headquarters of Microsoft, which has also integrated OpenAI’s technology into its applications.
If Mr Altman does indeed return, some speculate he may demand the creation of a new board of directors.
Dan Ives from investment firm Wedbush Securities told BBC News he believes Mr Altman will be restored as OpenAI’s chief executive. “The board clearly overplayed their hands. I would almost call it a coup attempt, in terms of trying to get Altman out. But this is going to backfire,” Mr Ives said. “I would expect the board to be out in the next 24 hours and Altman to be back. He is the golden child of AI. That continues to be what Microsoft and other investors are focused on.”
OpenAI is widely seen to be a company at its peak, with lucrative investment pouring in, and ChatGPT – which was launched almost a year ago – is used by millions.
Mr Altman has been the face of the firm’s rise. More than that, he is seen by many as the face of the industry more widely.
He testified before a US Congressional hearing to discuss the opportunities and risks created by the new technology and also appeared at the world’s first AI Safety Summit in the UK at the beginning of November.
His ousting sparked an outpouring of support from Silicon Valley bosses, including former Google chief executive Eric Schmidt who called Mr Altman “a hero of mine” and said that he had “changed our collective world forever”.
RIOCOCO Lanka Private Limited, a globally known manufacturer of coco medium for plant growth, recently donated a high-tech computer laboratory to Nalanda College in Colombo at a cost of more than Rs. 20 million. The laboratory with more than 50 computers, which was built on the concept of RIOCOCO’s co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Shan Halamba, who was the head prefect at Nalanda College in 1993/94, was inaugurated on 10 November. It was built on the guidance of the school’s Principal, U.D. Iran Champika de Silva.
At a time when it was almost unimaginable to set up a soilless growing medium manufacturing operation, Halamba were convinced of the country’s potential to produce high quality, uniform and consistent coconut growing medium. They founded the RIOCOCO in 2004, which made a speedy success within a short span of time. It has been expanded to more than 65 countries by present. It is currently running a global operation and working with some of the largest hydroponics greenhouse crop producers in the world. RIOCOCO is recognised as one of the foremost soilless growing medium manufacturers in the region, and also as the highest quality single origin growing medium supplier in the world.

In a move to deepen the understanding of Branch Banking, credit practices and gain insights into innovative financial strategies, Branch Managers of Nepali commercial banks recently undertook an exposure visit to People’s Bank. The visit, which took place on Nov 07th 2023 aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and foster cross-border collaborations in the realm of credit management.
Centre for banking studies of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) organized this delegation, included key representatives from prominent commercial banks in Nepal. The focus of their visit was to delve into People’s Bank’s credit policies, risk management frameworks, and the technological advancements that have propelled the bank’s success in the credit domain.
During the visit, the Nepalese bankers engaged in interactive sessions with credit experts and executives at People’s Bank.
The exposure visit also featured an on-site visit to People’s Bank, Head Quarters Branch, allowing the visiting bankers to witness the practical application of banking activities in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience provided valuable insights into the nuances of savings, recoveries, cash management, and credit management from customer interaction to risk mitigation strategies.

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