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Paperless Parts to exhibit its secure, cloud-based estimating and quoting software at SUR/FIN 2021
Visit Paperless Parts’ booth to see a demo of its secure, cloud-based estimating and quoting software and how it can help your organization streamline communication with your customers, view 3D CAD files to understand and capture data like surface area and part volume/weight to drive costing, reduce duplication of effort in the quoting process, and eliminate risk of mistakes by having access to all of the information you need in one centralized location.
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For decorative coatings, appearance is the essential purpose for application, but also for functional surface finishes it becomes increasingly relevant as an added value on top of specified technical requirements.  Appearance is affected by spectrum and intensity of incident light, roughness and morphology of the coating surface, optical properties of the coating material, eventual superficial oxide films, and individual perception.  The predominant factor is surface roughness, which in turn depends on base material roughness, quality of substrate pretreatment, and nucleation and growth kinetics of the electroless nickel (EN) deposit. Interdependency of gloss measurements with roughness measurements and with chemical composition of coatings was investigated for new generation mid-P EN processes and compared to traditional ones.
The main task of this work was to study the influence of the different parameters on the electrolytic coloring process for aluminum.
Cyanide in mining and industrial wastewaters has been around from the beginning, including electroplating processes.  This presentation reviews a number of current processes, and in particular, offers new technologies for improvement in cyanide destruction by the most common process, using sodium hypochlorite.
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