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Messer joins forces with Sulzer for 'pioneering' CCU plant in … – gasworld

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Messer, the world’s largest privately owned industrial gas specialist, is teaming up with a manufacturer of inorganic chemicals to pioneer innovative carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) at a plant in Landeck, Austria, leveraging Sulzer’s advanced mass transfer technologies.
The carbon capture unit, powered by Sulzer Chemtech’s proprietary technology, is set to capture over 50,000 tons of CO2 annually. This reclaimed CO2 will find new life in the food & beverage industry and benefit companies in the surrounding regions.
Messer and its partner are joining forces to transform carbon emissions from calcium carbide production into valuable resources for sectors such as food & beverages, greenhouse fertilisers, and fire extinguishers. 

Uwe Boltersdorf, President of Sulzer Chemtech Division, underscores the commitment to sustainability, stating, “We understand our customers’ imperative to stay competitive while delivering sustainable products and processes. By maximising efficiency, performance, and productivity, our mass transfer components empower businesses globally to embrace more sustainable practices.”
Employing BASF’s OASE blue carbon capture technology for flue gas and post-combustion CO2 capture, the system utilises Sulzer Chemtech’s tailored carbon capture products, known for their efficiency in meeting the specific requirements of carbon capture applications while ensuring high CO2 capture rates with minimal energy consumption.

Dr. Tarek El Hawary, CTO at Messer SE & Co. KGaA, highlights the strength of the technological network, saying, “Our plant engineering expertise, combined with BASF OASE Blue technology and Sulzer Chemtech’s products, allows Messer to produce environmentally friendly and economical products, making CO2 reusable for various purposes.” 
BASF’s OASE blue technology was used for the first time at a large-scale CO2 capture facility earlier this year at a facility operated by Capture-to-Use (CAP2U) – a new joint venture established by Heidelberg Materials and Linde.
The project aims to capture, purify and liquefy around 70,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. Linde plans to sell the majority of the resulting liquid CO2 as a feedstock for the chemicals industry and into the food and beverage end-use markets.
Anthony Wright is the Global News Journalist for gasworld, having joined the company in May 2021.


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