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Man, 21, dies after drinking protein shake with '50 coffees worth' of caffeine – The Mirror

Lachlan Foote died at his home in Blackheath, Australia on New Years Day after drinking a protein shake
A young man collapsed and died on New Year's Eve after accidentally drinking a protein shake with '50 coffees' worth' of caffeine.
In the early hours of New Year's Day last year Lachlan Foote returned to his home after a night out with friends and made himself a protein shake.
Minutes after kissing his mum goodnight he blacked out in the family's home in Blackheath in Australia.
He never regained conciousness.
The timing of Lachlan's death – the day after New Year's Eve and the day before his birthday – led many in the town to speculate that he had overdosed on recreational drugs.
In fact the 21-year-old had unknowingly ingested dangerous amounts of caffeine in his protein shake.
The one teaspoon he added to the mix was equivalent to as much as 50 cups of coffee.
“It turns out that Lachlan came home after celebrating New Year’s Eve with his friends and made a protein shake, innocently adding too much pure caffeine powder — a teaspoon is lethal,” his father Nigel told News.com.au.
Caffeine power is used by fitness enthusiasts as a diet supplement.
It is not clear where Lachlan acquired his supply, with a search of his computer and bank statements coming up blank.
His dad believes an amount of the powder was given to his son by a friend of work colleague, meaning he was unlikely to have seen a warning label on the packet.
The fact Lachlan kept the powder in the pantry of his family's home led his dad to believe the 21-year-old was unaware it was potentially deadly – or else he wouldn't have kept it within reach of his parents.
On the night that he died he sent a message to his friends.
“I think my protein powder has gone off,” he wrote at 2.07am. “Anyway … night lads. Cya in the morning.”
Nigel added: “We found him, dead and cold on the bathroom floor (on) New Year’s Day, 2018 … the day before his 22nd birthday."
Rumours that Lachlan died of a drug overdose were quickly quashed by a pathologist who confirmed there were no illicit substances in his body.
His blood alcohol level was below 0.05, meaning he probably had just had a few beers.
Nigel said he bared no ill will towards whoever gave Lachlan the caffeine powder, but suggested it was "scandalous" the product was legal to buy in Australia.
It has been banned in the US since 2018, four years after wrestler Logan Stiner died having taken the substance.
Just one tea spoon of pure caffeine powder contains 5000 milligrams of caffeine, which could be lethal.
Mixing two teaspoons into a shake or other drink is the same as consuming 70 Red Bull cans at once.
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