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Emmexon, Procurement Specialist and service provider – BusinessGhana

Emmexon Ghana Limited is a procurement specialist & service provider that specialises in the supply and installation of tunnel sanitizers, disinfectants and accessories. It also provides disinfection and fumigation services. It’s mission is to be the procurement specialist and service provider of choice using world best standards and practices, that take into account Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Impact on the society.
It’s core values are safety, efficiency, customer satisfaction and quality. Emmexon also provides advisory services for Clients in Efficiency in the Supply Chain, Market Dynamics and Emerging Technologies.
Emmexon Limited offers services in equipment supplies of HYTORC Bolting solutions and other Brand Tools. It has Industrial Supplies of Containers that are specially equiped. It also offers the sale of Industrial Plastics like ABS, HIPS, PPH, HDPE, Coruplus, Layer Boards, PCF Flat sheets, Translucent Roof Sheeting, and Flex materials.
Another service they offer is Tunnels Sanitizers and Accessories. They supply and Install Jachris Spraysafe and Ampa Mist Tunnels for sanitizing persons at heavy traffic entry points like airports, bus stops and shopping centres. Emmexon also supply the Sanitizer Solutions for the Tunnels. Other equipments include Fogging Units for disinfecting rooms and work spaces, Anti Slip Carpets, and Camera Thermo Checks. They provide also the consumables required to run the equipments namely Ecolyte Sanitizer Solution, 70% Ethanol based Hand Sanitizer, Lemon Cologne scented Disinfectant, Sodium Hypochlorite, and other effective chemicals for Disinfection & Fumigation.
Emmexon is the sole Distributor of HYTORC Bolting Tools here in Ghana and supply other brands on request and pride themselves in being a one stop shop for tools, because they are leveraged with international partners.
For the supply of Fuels and Lubricants, Emmexon supplies petroleum products with Overseas Partners. These range from PMS, AGO, HFO, RFO, Crude Oil, and Lubricants. For significant orders with roll-overs and extension, they source from price efficient Suppliers in Europe .They also deal in Real Estate, Construction Material Supply, Interior Design and Food Commodities like Aggregation, Imports, Exports, Production.
They are open for Business Consultancy in Procurement and Supplies. Some of the clients they have worked for are Tobinco Pharmacy , Krugerbrent Security,Latex Foam, Alisa Hotel, Asona Mining, Forewin Ghana and Marie Stopes International.


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