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Clearing 2022: UK universities with courses still available – Times Higher Education

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Prepare for clearing in advance by checking which UK universities have courses available ahead of results day on 18 August
With A-level results day fast approaching in the UK (results are out on 18 August), students will be eager to find out whether they have achieved their first (or second) choice of university.
For those students who might miss their choices, they can go through a process called “clearing” to select a different course or university. University clearing is already open on the Ucas website, and you can search for courses that are still available at UK universities. In advance of results day, students can browse through the clearing courses still available, just to prepare themselves for any outcome. 
The university application process is set to be competitive this year. For many students who were unable to complete exams or who wish to change subjects, Ucas clearing can help students understand which courses universities are offering and which universities still have courses available. If you have any specific concerns about how courses will be taught, the best option is to contact your prospective university to find out.
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Some of the top universities in the UK are notably missing from the clearing catalogue, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London.
Some others, such as the University of Bristol, have now closed their early clearing applications; however, students are able to register their interest before results day and then will be able to browse courses closer towards results day.
Nevertheless, many of the top universities in the UK have plenty of clearing places available for a range of courses including cybersecurity, Korean studies, world literatures and ancient history. Students must contact universities directly in order to secure a place through clearing.
Below are the top universities in the UK (according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings) with clearing places available at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This table was correct at the time of publication; but as things may change, it’s a good idea to check the Ucas clearing selection tool regularly.
This is also based on a general search, so it’s always worth refining the search based on your location and requirements.
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