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With no relief in sight, chlorine prices continue to soar as costs keep rising for pool chemicals this summer. Since almost the very start of the pandemic prices for pool sanitizers like chlorine have nearly doubled and at the retail level consumers are paying nearly triple what they were before the end of 2020.
Soaring costs for fuel, rising inflation, and a litany of other factors such as logistical delays and workforce shortages have plagued the pool industry. A factory closure due to a fire at one of the nation’s largest producers of dried chlorine products certainly did not help matters.
BioLab, the manufacturer in question is spending $170 million dollars on rebuilding their plant after it burnt to the ground during Hurricane Laura. While many pool professionals were hoping that the plant would be back online in time to impact and offset summer chlorine prices, a series of delays related to a second hurricane has pushed back operations. Consequently, any impact BioLab’s production would have had on this year’s chlorine supply is now a moot point.
Industry pundits and analysts know what caused prices to spike. That’s never been the issue. The question that remains to be answered: When will chlorine prices go back down? The answer is, they won’t.
While chlorine prices are expected to stabilize somewhat within the next year, rising costs, inflation, and an increase in consumer demand will keep chlorine prices high well into next summer and the immediate, foreseeable future.
Chlorine like many other chemicals is a commodity. As such the prices for chemical commodities are clearly viewable from various credible sources. The price index for Alkalies and Chlorine, Including Natural Sodium Carbonate and Sulfate, reached a record high of 483.79600 in May of 2022. As we progress later into the summer and prices are predicted to continue to rise and blow away analysts’ forecasts.
In response to a changing market, many pool professionals began to switch to liquid chlorine and alternative sanitizing methods to help offset operational costs. Consequently, these materials have also increased in price over the last year and a half. Exactly how high have prices gone?
Well let’s put it this way, you can finance a 50-pound $449 bucket of Bromine tablets for just $41 bucks a month if you buy it from Leslie’s, on Amazon you’ll pay $498 if you can find them in stock. That we’re at a state that necessitates the need for consumers to be able to finance a bucket of tablets, is a pause for reflection on exactly how high prices have gone up.

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Did you know the first pool cleaner was invented in 1912? John Davison submitted a patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office entitled “Cleaning Apparatus For Swimming Pools And The Like.” The patent was issued on March 25th, 1913. The patent, proof that technology and innovation have long roads and requires many forward-thinking innovators.
While subtle advances and alternative cleaning techniques were trickling into the early days of the pool cleaning industry, it wasn’t until forty years later, in 1953, Joseph Eistrup invented a “pool cleaner.” Two years later, the “automatic swimming pool cleaner” was invented by Andrew Pansini. The original design was a crude device with several parts welding together but was described as “effective to remove the scum, dirt, and other accumulations from both the bottom and sidewalls of a pool to disperse foreign matter in the water for removal therefrom by a normal pump-filter system of the pool”.
Since then, technology has jumped leaps and bounds. It has brought down and raised entire industries, just for pool cleaners, but for everything. The rise of technology, computers, and artificial intelligence have defined eras, transformed how we live our lives. For pool owners, this has been no exception, as commercial pool cleaning devices have been more financially accessible, smarter, and more efficient.
Wireless technology, solar charging, and artificial intelligence are converging and intertwining to make a product that redefined pool cleaning for the current generation of pool owners. Behind every incredible yard is a brand that values making things clearer, tidier, and easier. The keepers of clean, Aiper proudly believes in transforming your yard into a paradise. Bringing ease, comfort, and value to your every day.
Since 2017, Aiper has earned its reputation for being an eco-friendly, smart solution in cleaning robotics. Aiper is not just the world’s best in cordless robotic pool cleaners but a pioneer of smart-yard robotics. Merging technology, innovation, and AI, their goal is clear – to make cleaning effortless, hassle-free, and automated.
There are 10.7 million swimming pools in the United States, on average boosting home values by about $35,000., roughly %7 of most homes. Maintaining that investment is a tedious, time-consuming task. The players in the robotic pool cleaning industry include Maytronics, Pentair, Polaris, Zodiac, and of course, Aiper. However, each Aiper is guaranteed to minimize the time and money spent laboring away, which means less time doing chores and more time poolside with friends and family. Racking up dozens of awards in the last two years, particularly, the Aiper Seagull Pro, Aiper is establishing themselves as the go-to brand in not just pool cleaning, but smart robotics.
The technology put into Aiper devices is cutting-edge and scales according to users needs. Aiper has designed an entire line of CORDLESS robotic pool cleaners with every pool owner in mind. If you’re looking for an entry into the robotic pool cleaner market without breaking the bank or having a smaller, above-ground pool, Aiper’s Seagull SE is a solid choice for first time pool cleaning buyers. Featuring a 90-minute battery life and a hydrodynamic design that glides across your pool’s floor, the Seagull SE is a miniature cleaning workhorse. And for the toughest cleaning jobs, the Aiper Seagull Pro is your answer. The world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaner, the Aiper Seagull Pro is a rapid charging cleaner boasting a three-hour battery life, up to 130 gallons per minute of filtration, wall cleaning and self-parking capabilities, and Aiper’s own patented WavePath Navigation technology. Technology that intelligently plans the most efficient cleaning plan to increase performance and save your devices battery. 
From the humble beginnings of the very fist robotic pool cleaner in 1912 and over 100 years of innovation, pool cleaning techniques and technology are finally making things not just easier, but more environmentally friendly, saving thousands of liters of water, and hundreds of dollars in electrical usage every year. Aiper isn’t just making things easier for pool owners, it’s making the pool owning experience a breeze for pool owners and with Black Friday around the corner, now is the best time to snag one in the line of the world’s best cordless robotic pool cleaners. 
Take care of your pool, and take care of it cheaper, with Aiper’s Black Friday Sale. From November 13th to November 30th, Aiper is discounting their award-winning Seagull Series by as much as 50% on some models, and the award-winning Seagull Pro is $310 off! Discount information and codes are below. For more information, check out Aiper.com.
For a limited time, Natural Chemistry will offer a beautiful retail display rack for its line of high-end spa water treatment products.  With sleek graphics and modern wooden shelving, this retail display rack will enhance any retail store area.  Designed for retail operations looking to add a premium line of spa water treatment products, the display rack is available to those purchasing 12 cases of any mix of NC spa product available in the product line, from maintenance and remedy product to balancing and sanitizing products.  For more information, contact your local NC Brands District Sales Manager, or email [email protected].
This beautifully designed spa water product line gives retailers a high-end spa water care program with easy-to-understand categories of products that sanitize, balance, maintain and remedy spa water.  The clean, upscale look of the product packaging, is visually attractive and highlights relaxation, simplicity and wellness.   Created to provide retailers with an easy-to-sell program to spa owners that provides superior results for consumers. 
800 753 1233
The Independent Pool and Spa Service Association (IPSSA) continues to grow and has created more opportunities for its members and chapters to earn recognition and prizes.  IPSSA now offers three awards designed specifically for service professionals that are members.
The newest of these awards is called The Pool Professional of Tomorrow Award to be awarded to any member that demonstrates a commitment to the growth and future of the pool service industry through the activities within their chapter and community.  Designed specifically for newer members, applicants must be active in the industry for less than 10 years. The winner receives a $500 prize and travel accommodations to the annual Weekend of Inspiration event in 2024. 
Additionally, the Independent Pool and Spa Service Association has expanded its well-known Terry Cowles Lifetime achievement award. Established in 2006, the award for individuals was established for those with over 10 years of active service in IPSSA and provides a cash award and complimentary tickets to the annual banquet event.  The new Chapter of the Year Award provides a first, second and third place award that includes cash funds for the chapter as well as complimentary tickets and hotel accommodations for chapter members to the organization’s Weekend of Inspiration event. 
Those interested in applying for these awards, please contact Rose Smoot ([email protected]) for details on the nomination criteria.  Submissions must be received by September 1, 2023 to be considered for the awards.  Since its inception in 1988, IPSSA was established to promote educational opportunities and provide business support and resources to its members.  These awards are part of the organizations continued desire to engage members and the criteria reflect the organization’s core values of community, education and support of all IPSSA members.  More information about how to join a chapter can be found on their website, the official Facebook page, or by calling 888-360-9505.
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