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Abbas's UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics – Foreign Policy Journal

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By  | Feb 22, 2020 | , , , | 73 |
The real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is that the Palestinian Authority will find a way to co-exist with it at the expense of the Palestinian people.
A precious moment has been squandered, as Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, had the chance to right a historical wrong, by reinstating Palestinian national priorities at the United Nations Security Council on February 11, through a political discourse that is completely independent from Washington and its allies.
For a long time, Abbas has been a hostage to the very language that designated him and his Authority as ‘moderates’ in the eyes of Israel and the West. Despite the Palestinian leader’s outward rejection of the US ‘Deal of the Century’—which practically renders Palestinian national aspirations null and void—Abbas is keen to maintain his ‘moderate’ credentials for as long as possible.
Certainly, Abbas has given many speeches at the UN in the past and, every single time, he has failed to impress Palestinians. This time, however, things were meant to be different. Not only did Washington disown Abbas and the PA, it also scrapped its own political discourse on peace and the two-state solution altogether. More, the Trump administration has now officially given its blessing to Israel to annex nearly a third of the West Bank, taking Jerusalem ‘off the table’ and discarding the right of return for Palestinian refugees.
Instead of directly meeting with leaders of the various Palestinian political parties and taking tangible steps to reactivate dormant but central political institutions such as the Palestinian National Council (PNC) and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Abbas preferred to meet with former Israeli right-wing Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, in New York, and to carry on regurgitating his commitment to a by-gone era.
In his UN speech, Abbas said nothing new, which, in this instance, is worse than not saying anything at all.
“This is the outcome of the project that has been introduced to us,” Abbas said, while holding a map of what a Palestinian state would look like under Donald Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’. “And this is the state that they are giving to us,” Abbas added, referring to that future state as a ‘Swiss cheese’, meaning a state fragmented by Jewish settlements, bypass-roads and Israeli military zones.
Even the term ‘Swiss cheese’, which was reported in some media as if a new phrase in this ever-redundant discourse, is actually an old coinage that has been referenced repeatedly by the Palestinian leadership itself, starting with the onset of the so-called peace process, a quarter of a century ago.
Abbas labored to appear exceptionally resolute as he emphasized certain words, like when he equated the Israeli occupation with the system of apartheid. His delivery, however, appeared unconvincing, lacking and, at times, pointless.
Abbas spoke of his great ‘surprise’ when Washington declared Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital, subsequently relocating its embassy to the occupied city, as if the writing was not already on the wall and that, in fact, the embassy move was one of Trump’s main pledges to Israel even before his inauguration in January 2017.
“And then they cut off financial aid that was given to us,” Abbas said in a lamenting voice with reference to the US decision to withhold its aid to the PA in August 2018. “$840 million are held from us,” he said. “I don’t know who is giving Trump such horrid advice. Trump is not like this. Trump that I know is not like this,” Abbas exclaimed in a strange interjection as if to send a message to the Trump administration that the PA still has faith in the US President’s judgement.
“I would like to remind everyone that we have participated in the Madrid peace conference, and the Washington negotiations and the Oslo agreement and the Annapolis summit on the basis of international law,” Abbas recounted, signaling that he remains committed to the very political agenda that reaped the Palestinian people no political rewards whatsoever.
Abbas then went on to paint an imagined reality, where his Authority is supposedly building the “national institutions of a law-abiding, modern and democratic state that is constructed on the basis of international values; one that is predicated on transparency, accountability and fighting corruption.”
“Yes,” Abbas emphasized, as he looked at his audience with theatrical seriousness, “We are one of the most important countries (in the world) that is fighting corruption.” The PA leader, then, called on the Security Council to send a commission to investigate allegations of corruption within the PA, a bewildering and unnecessary invitation, considering that it is the Palestinian leadership that should be making demands on the international community to help enforce international law and end the Israeli occupation.
It went on like this, where Abbas vacillated between reading pre-written remarks that introduce no new ideas or strategies and unnecessary rants that reflect the PA’s political bankruptcy and Abbas’ own lack of imagination.
The PA President, of course, made sure to offer his habitual condemnation of Palestinian ‘terrorism’ by promising that Palestinians would not “resort to violence and terrorism regardless of the act of aggression against us.” He assured his audience that his Authority believes in “peace and fighting violence.” Without elaborating, Abbas declared his intention of continuing on the path of “popular and peaceful resistance,” which, in fact, does not exist in any shape or form.
This time around, Abbas’ speech at the UN was particularly inappropriate. Indeed, it was a failure in every possible way. The least, the Palestinian leader could have done is to articulate a powerful and collective Palestinian political discourse. Instead, his statement was merely a sad homage to his own legacy, one that is riddled with disappointments and ineptitude.
Expectedly, Abbas returned to Ramallah to greet his cheering supporters once more, who are always ready and waiting to raise posters of the ageing leader, as if his UN speech had succeeded in fundamentally shifting international political momentum in favor of Palestinians.
It has to be said that the real danger in the ‘Deal of the Century’ is not the actual stipulations of that sinister plan, but the fact that the Palestinian leadership is likely to find a way to co-exist with it, at the expense of the oppressed Palestinian people, as long as donors’ money continues to flow and as long as Abbas continues to call himself a president.
This article was originally published at RamzyBaroud.net on February 21, 2020.
Ramzy Baroud is a journalist and the editor of The Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of five books. His latest is These Chains Will Be Broken: Palestinian Stories of Struggle and Defiance in Israeli Prisons (Clarity Press). Dr. Baroud is a Non-resident Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Islam and Global Affairs (CIGA), Zaim University. His website is www.ramzybaroud.net.
I think that I can solve this problem. Just get an older map, that shows The Land of Palestine from about 1900, Then kick the Israelis out and say see, this is where you are. You do not belong here. You have no authority here. You must be insane!
America is officially a failed state, with mercenaries and propagandists trying to prop up the failed government. It is very similar to Libya in those respects right now. It is full of mercenary militants, terrorists, narco-traffickers, and human smugglers. We have over 500,000 missing people in America. I happen to be an unfortunate victim of torture, terrorism, and sadistic illegal medical experimentation, in which every branch of government from local to state to federal, all the way up to Trump himself has refused to do anything about it.
It is curious that during QE the term helicopter money became part of the english dialect, coinciding with police farces buying helicopters and human trafficking as well as narco trafficking increasing. Maybe they should just sell the helicopters, and then they could have helicopter money!
The United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and many NATO countries number one enemy is God, their second enemy is Assange. Many of these people claim to be religious but everything that they do violates every religion on earth, unless one considers Satanism a religion. They are heathens and hedonists. Collecting interest is not a religion. Neither is racism, supremacy, or blood and soil.
The last time that a famous person died for telling the truth was 2020 years ago. They can’t kill the truth and they can’t kill God. Julian Assange has more power than all world leaders combined.
These psychopaths are jealous of God and anyone that believes in God, or practices, and not merely preaches what all religions preach, because they are threatenned by people’s faith in God, because faith limits their abilities to control and manipulate through fear and terrorism.
The Palestinians suffering is truly a heart ache. Who could live more like Christ in this modern era than the Bedouins? Nomadic shepherds who have roamed the Negev for thousands of years! It may be a jealosy issue. Both Hebrew and Bedouin translte in English to wanderer,andHebrews were nomadic shepherds at one time, over two thousand years ago.
In a Breif History of the World by J.M. Roberts, Roberts alleges that Jews were the first monotheists, which is patently false, since Zoroastrianism is the oldest monotheistic religion. The old testament is also filled with stories and mythologies from other religions, people, and tribes, likely as a result of the nomadic tendencies that Hebrews had.
Trump’s new Director of National Intelligence who has never had any intelligence at all was politically motivated. Sputnik reported that his associate, Schwartz instructed the U.K. to have Assange removed from the embassy and imprisoned. They have screen shots of the communication exchange.
The truth about Trump is that he is the biggest swamp scum feeder that this country has ever had for a president, which only is a benefit if you happen to be swamp scum.
When I was unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee hospital on 3/27/14, I awoke with excruciatingly loud tinnitus in my left ear. When Steve Mnucin announced that he was going to have the most transparent treasury in U.S. history, I was searching the treasury site for retired government employee pension spending totals. At the bottom of the home page was a link for small businesses which I clicked on, wondering what it was doing there and found a program for minority owned small business owners doing business in nations that allowed forced child labor, child labor, and forced adult labor, and was requesting oral only contracts with those businesses as well as contracts for gold, oil, and other resources which had Loretta Lynch’s and Jack Lew’s signatures on it and was from 2013. I called the White House and informed the person and was outraged that this issue of forced labor, child or adult, and even any child labor at all was sought after. I spoke with someone who asked me to email the link to the White House, which I did. The link was removed from the site, but still active, so I called and emailed again, and was posting it on Zero Hedge and Fox business asking them to report this horrifying abuse by the government which they and many other websites ignored completely. Then shortly after that, my first phone was hacked followed immediately by people using some type of directed energy weapons on me. I have since concluded that while unconscious, Dr. James Hurth neuro surgeon likely illegally implanted devices in my nose and ears essentially turning my brain into a transistor. My smart meter has been hacked and someone is remotely controlling appliances in my house. Shortly after my phone being hacked, both Dr. James Hurth and the CEO of We Energies ( Wisconsin Energies ) suddenly retired. 
I beleive that the purpose of this illegal and unconsented surgery was for the purpose of trying to get me to commit suicide, or become a manchurian candidate, both of which I refuse to do. They did not let me simply die after a suicide attempt, because my now ex-husband would have received everything if I died. The police were also has been involved in falsely imprisoning a relative in the past. Of course they waited until after likely murdering my mother who died in 2015, because two women would have been more than they can handle. My house was repeatedly broken into, with things stolen and vandalized, as well as neighbors that stalk and illegally spy on me which they indicate through gas-lighting techniques repeating or reiacting things said or done in my home when blinds were down, spying through lights and appliances. This was simply done for greed, exploiting a vulnerable woman at the most vulnerable time in my life after a divorce, the death of a grandmother, the police harassment and imprisonment of a relative, and then the death of my mother. This is the end of the line for America and civilization, having crossed every line of decency, including brain rape, which is just as prevalent in the east as it is in the west. We have more nuclear waste than can be managed, food and water scarcity coupled with the toxic destruction of resources and habitats, and technology that has gone way over any limits of decency.
The directed energy weapons consist of non-sensical chants, violent threats, sexual harrassment, verbal abuse, and intimidation.
There is no reason to live at all, but have decuded to survive in spite of it all simply so that surviving will discorage them from ever trying to attempt this Frankenstein type surgery on anyone ever again, and make them extremely uncomfortable in the process.
Disney should change it’s theme ride to It’s an Evil World After All.
This is a dystopian nightmare.
I have notified all politicians that serve me at all levels, and others that do not, as well as the police, the FBI, the justice department, the healthcare industry, Human Rights Watch, and other watchdog groups. All have done nothing.
One thing that I have learned through all of this, is that I am much stronger than I ever realized, and that they are much weaker than most people realize. They think that it’s funny. It’s not me, it’s them. They are content to stick with stubborn and wrong and watch civilization implode, precisely as they watched the World Trade Towers implode.
The government at all levels in Wisconsin is as thick as theives and is far more corrupt than Illinois is. In Wisconsin, there are no corruption busts, not because they are not corrupt, but because they are all corrupt! This is probably the most corrupt state in America, pretending to have an innocent wholesome midwest image. It is totallly corrupt! So corrupt that they do not even view it as out of the ordinary! It’s just a way of life for them! It’s the cheesiest!
Trump just replaced temporary DNI Richard Grenell who had no experience in intelligence with Texas Representative Ratcliff, sharing the same level of qualifactions and experience in intelligence, None!
That’s just the kind of guy that Trump is. It doesn’t matter if anyone knows what they are doing, or talking about or not, as long as they agree with Trump who has had one of the most criminally corrupt and mentally incompetent cabinet appointees list in history.
Hillary Clinton announced that she will be starting a Podcast today. Although I have been one of her strongest critics, I actuallly think that this may help Hillary come to accept the loss of the 2016 election and contribut what she can to society, if she can somehow manage to be honest to her listenners, which would be a first for Hilkary.
She has knowledge that most do not have as a result of her positions, and could put it to good use if she chose to, rather than her own use as she had done with pay for play at the State Department and at the Rose Lawfirm.
To be honest, I disagree with her on just about everything, but maybe this will be a turnng point for Hillary wishing to leave honest recordings of herself on a Podcast to her grand daughter and Chelsea.
The major players are undoubtedly up in smoke of Hillary’s decision to create an independently operated podcast. So many former cabinet members and politicians go on to work for corporate media conglomerates who are beholden to their advertisers and other political affilates. These individuals really ought to just walk out on the corporate media conglomerates. Do they think that they would have less credibility if they had their own youtube channel, website, or podcast? Many have done this including Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, and Paul Craig Roberts.
Nothing threatens collectivist corruption more than independent free radicals! Be a cancer on collectivist corruption on the organized crime rings! E Pluribus Unum!
The governments insane obsession and desire to commit espionage and sexpionage on citizens has resulted in them allowing utility and tech companies to create windows into every home, business, and outdoor space on earth has been detrimiental to national security because the windows are just as accessible to any bad actor and work place white collar and blue collar gangs and corporate espionage and corporate sabotage are rampant in America. It is obvious that bad faith actors in technology and utility companies are spying on government policy writers awarding them large sums of money and treasonous policies that always benefit Israel, the oil companies, the tech companies, sum of which do not even have a viable business model, and the Federal Reserve that is the liquidity provider and enabler of all of it to occur.
Until the government realizes that allowing for these abuses is insane there is no hope. The corporations and governments must clean up their acts. They treat us as if we are their personal property. Being free without freedom is slavery, which is illegal!
Can somebody please tell me the exact year that America became Afghanistan, with parallel governments and competing misogynistic war-lords running the country? Maybe the government in the United States forgot that the country that they are constitutionally obligated to govern is the United States of America! Since they are so obsessed with attempting to govern every other country on earth, it is no surprise that America is in a complete shambles and is a failed state banana republic, replacing bananas with corporate stock! Can’t even get the paper certificates anymore! Too expensive!
America is now nothing more than a rabbit hole of psy-ops. The American dream is now just an unattainable illusion. The tragedy of all of it is that it doesn’t have to be this way. I don’t habe a solution to the problem of the nuclear waste, which is the world’s most severe and immediate emergency, but to allow people to needlessly suffer is sick and sadistic. The second most severe and immediate emergency is water scarcity, which there are solutions to, which everyone chooses to ignore. The homelessness and poverty in America is easily solved as well, but has also chosen to be ignored. Obviously ending the wars is also a first priority and is as easy as 123.
The censors that wish to censor people and imprison Assange, Schulte, Manning, and other whistle-blowers have suffered narcisstic injury. Their own actions are so repulsive that they cannot even tolerate hearing about them, and are living a total lie. They have completely lost touch with reality, in what almost appears to be some form of dissociative disorder, in which it was some mysterious alter-ego living in an alternate reality that commited those heinous crimes and not themselves!
America is thoroughly corrupt in my opinion largely as the result for forced arbitration agreements running a secret parallel government and the abuse of non disclosure agreements. Obviously it should be understood that a cororate employee should not engage in corporate espionage selling information to a competitor, or endangering the lives of the consumers or employees that the company serves. If the corporation is doing things that is endangering the lives of its consumers, the employee has a moral obligation to blow the whistle on the corporation. People do not reealise that any illegal activity is null and void in any and every NDA.
We have to end the parallel government that is growing exponentially of forced arbitration with their own set of rules and accountable to nobody but themselves.
After that has been acheieved, perhaps Americans will start behaving in a sane and respectable fashion again.
The photograph in this article featuring Rudi Giuliani and Hillary Clinton on September 12th 2001 in a blast from the past, both walking around ground zero with surgical masks during the last faked terrorist attack on U.S. soil that led to mass surveillance and the rise of fascism, permanent war, permanent economic fraud, and permanent bail-outs is rather comical in a cynical way with Giuliani looking smitten with himself for successfully playing a leading role in the biggest con on the American people in history, and Hillary rolling her eyes, averting her eyes from him and the photographer with an expression like, “I can’t believe that people are falling for this fucking bullshit! I can’t believe that I have to go along with this fucking bullshit! Get me the hell out of here!”
It is time for average Americans to ask, ” What can American, federal, state, local governments, corporations, and the Federal Reserve do for me?” 
Sorry, but being held hostages and having our rights destroyed isn’t what we had in mind, and a check for $1,200 isn’t enough!
No corporate or financial sector bailouts other than FDIC for consumers! Already $6.5 trillion on the table! Give every American a check for $20,000 instead and stop violating our constitutional rights!
Let Freedom Ring once again! Death to the criminal fascists! All fascists are anti-American! All fascists are guilty of treason and high crimes!
The coronavirus hoax is run by an eltists group of theives and terrorists that are fake socialsts like Richard Wolf, John Kiriakou, Brian Becker, Nicole Rouselle, George Galloway, and many other propagandists.
I have never read Saul Allinsky’s rules for radicals, but my guess is that they are following his playbook, and The Weather Underground terrorist network of the 1970’s.
A revolution based on bullshit is a bullshit revolution. These are total frauds and are evil, sadistic, self-serving fascists, thieves, murderers, and are perfectly content to allow people of dying of starvation, dysentary, and every other disease that would go along with a total breakdown of society, in order to advance their own causes.They are megalomaniacs, psychopaths, narcissists, and Machevellians.
They are the embodiment of evil!
WHO, The World Health Organization has recommended the physical and psychological torture and terrorism that will also eventually lead to the starvation of billions as well as diseases like dysentaria, typhus, the black plague, and a wide range of other fatal diseases.
This should be a clue and a wake up call that WHO does not have the goal of the public health in mind, and neither does John Kiriakou!
John Kiriakou is right on board with them!
Listenning to radio shows on Sputnik now is as bad as listenning to CNN, & MSNBC after Clinton lost in 2016! How could Sputnik be so stupid to become a useful idiot of the CIA?! It certainly appears that nobody ever really leaves the CIA based on Kiriakou, and Lee Camp on RT. Both former CIA agents by their own public admisdions!
Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free! They are still full of shit and enslaved by the CIA, obviously!
Satan is in charge, and out of control!
The lost tribes of Israel went from worshipping a golden calf to worshipping a bronze bull.
Obviously, The local, state, and federal governments, the Medical Mafia, Silicon Valley, The finincial sector including Wall Street, and the military have declared war on American citizens.
Abusive relationships never improve. The abuse only increases. These individuals are psychopaths with deviant and sadistic personality disorder. They enjoy watching people that they torture and abuse suffer. They are cowardly, deviant, evil, retarded, insane, savage barbarians.
WHO and its shotty history of overstating pandemic risks has been called to account for its repeated fear-mongering and attempts to incite hysteria, dating back to 2005. In 2009, ( remember Occupy Wall Street?) they overstated the swine flu fatality and contagion rates. They were also calling for forced vaccinations at that time. The Jewish community was dead set against it, deeming that a swine flu vaccine would not be Kosher.
If the coronavirus has validated anything about American government, it is that they are power-hungry, gulity of treason, guilty of constituional illiteracy, guilty of insanity, guilty of mental incompetency, and guilty of creating a national health emergency that did not exist prior to their fascist power grabs.
They belong in prison!
The old joke has been :
Why doesn’t America ever have a color revolution?
Because the United States doesn’t have an embassy here.
Well, Now we have the color revolution in America. The color is clear. Total transparency of every American’s life for the governments and corporations, and total opacicity of corporations and governments!
This is the CIA led coronavirus bullshit revolution for total fascist control of everyone’s lives! Their fingerprints are all over it! Using Saul Alinsky tactics! Don’t be fooled! The promises of the Union Bosses and Sputnik propagandists will be huge! Union bosses always make big promises, just like politicians! They deliver nothing for their members, but take a percentage of everyone’s paychecks for themselves! After all, the union bosses are now in huge trouble with union members at the AFLCIO, as well as other unions. Throw them under the bus! Afiter life long union memberships with the AFLCIO, what did you get?! Another day older and deeper in debt!
Based on everything that I have been reading about and hearing, I believe that there is an extremely high probability that Wall Street employees, union members, and the DNC are deliberately over crowding hospitals.
A make shift hospital in Central Park? How sterile could that be?! Couldn’t use Columbia University, because the optics wouldn’t be so desperate!   Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on all of this! 
Why are they wearing plastic bags rather than scrubs now? For show! To use this as an opportunity for political and financial gain, and CYA, which is sick, evil, and disgusting as hell! 
Scum like you are more dangerous than the virus! I hope that anyone is using this as an opportunity like that dies! America would be better off without conniving psychopaths like you! Fuck you and your bullshit fascist surevellance hostage crisis nonconomy revolution, and your ends justify the means mentality!
To the Deep Fakes-
Live by the sword, die by the sword! You have shown no mercy, and you shall receive no mercy! If you cannot cope with the retribution that you have coming to you that you have more than earned, kill yourselves now!
If there was any remaining doubt in anybody’s mind that the entire economy, financial sector, and stock market are nothing but 100% pure bullshit, JPM finished that off today saying that they expect stock market prices to stabilize, despite the fact that nearly the entire economy has totally ceased functioning. That is as insane, delusional, and as fraudulent as it can get, since the “wizards” at the Fed and treasury as well as the governments have colluded to mark to make believe and conitue to bail out the richest people in the world and corporations with financial fraud as a business model. If the CEOs weren’t doing stock buy backs, we would not need to be bailing them out, but many of them are now retired multi-billionaires, owing a debt of gratiude to the war-mongers that rewarded them for being subs (bitches!)!
Bill DeBlasio is claiming that the coronavirus hoax is the biggest national health crisis that we have faced in this century! No! not even close! Try the opioid epidemic, created by the Medical Mafia, the FDA, congress, and the military, other drug addiction, alcoholism, medical mal-practice, national poverty, homelessness, unemployement which creates most of those things also, and you are now causing, as well as fraudulent drugs proven not to work, but covered up by the Medical Mafia!
Rykers prisoners are digging mass graves, which was planned in 2008 for the Pandemic that they were certain would happen, but didn’t bother purchasing any of the things that they claim to have shortages of! Hopefully the graves are for the psychopaths that are in the government and financial fraud sector, who are obviously trying to kill us!
As well as the medical mafia and tech sector that are also trying to kill us!
On the bright side, only 1 in 13.3 people who tested to see if they had the coronavirus had it in Milwaukee as of today. 
This is proof that this is hysteria, or a combination of hysteria and a rush to create a crisis. Obviously, with the situation, many are frightenned, but symptoms can mimmic the flu, a cold, allergies, asthma, and stress, as well as wi-fi exposure.
Confirmed cases: 1,412 (as of Tuesday afternoon)
Deaths: 28
Negative tests: 17,375
Correction- the above cases and tests are for the entire state of Wisconsin.
They have also cancelled all ethnic festivals in Wisconsin, which go on for the entire summer, and Summer-Fest has been postponed until the summer, this year being the only exception.
But, the DNC primary has not been cancelled, since Republicans can vote for Biden, and the DNC has a proven affinity for dirty old white guys. ( Apparently, very easy to manipulate! Especially when they are senile! )
Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the COVID-19 may be like a bad flu year ( In a peer reviewed article that the average American would be unlikely to read.)
War mongers’ and Wall Street’s submissive multi-billionaire Bill Gates says that all state lines must be closed. “Shut down anywhere means shut down everywhere.”
Or, shut down Microsoft means shut down everywhere?!
Of course that would end all supply lines, but it is more important to kill every American so that the virus cannot survive, according to Gate’s rationale.
Imagine if Silicon Valley had the same protective measures for computer viruses? Oh, they make those too! There’s an App for that!
Bill Gates has now met the criteria on more than one occasion to qualify as a terrorist, perfectly content to ban the import of products across state lines, which would end up killing miliions!
Someone better sue the living daylights out of that fucking psychopath now!
The ends justify the means fascist psychopaths Nicole Rousell and Richard Wolf just wont stop! It is hard to beleive that Richard Wolf even understands economics, let alone teaches economics based on his socialist Goebels style Nazi socialist propaganda, claiming that “Under a capitalist system, a business must pay dividends to its share holders. Everyone knows that.”
No. That is not a requirement of a capitalist system at all. Under a capitalist system, businesses must repay bond holders, or file for bankruptcy, liquidate assets, and distribute those proceeds to bond holders.
Nicole Rousell claims that economic, political, and corporate policies must be set by labor. Unfortunately, in many, but not all industries, policies ARE set by labor, which is why the businesses are under water, and not only not profitable, but run on financial fraud as a business model, like all of the Medical sector, Silicon Valley and the tech sector, all of the financial sector, and all of the government sector, and all of the utilities sector, who have all placed their needs above the needs of the rest of the world, and above the needs of their consumers, and have acted as parasities on their own consumers, sucking every last drop of blood out of them!
In Iran, just immediately following the 1979 socialist Islamic revolution, which was a labor revolution that enacted democracy at work, voting on anything and everything about how that entity would function, it is not surprising that within a year and a half, the governments seized fascist control of those entities because all of the employees quickly placed their needs above the needs of the rest of society, attempting to extract as much as possible out of the government for the benefit of the employees at the expense of the rest of society, which is what we currently have in America.
Richard Wolf is claiming that we do not have things in this society because of the capitalist system, but the fact that the governments have virtually made it impossible for any capitalist to survive through burdensome over regulations, fees, licensing, permits, and banks have refused lending to the majority of businesses.
It is a failure of human nature, and not a failure of capitalism that is always the problem, just as it is always a failure of human nature in socialism, and communism. In agrarianism, obviously it is often a failure of the weather.
Granted, there are many employees in service sectors that have been left behind and are struggling to make ends meet and even put food on the table, which were not included in the sectors mentioned above, those servuce sector employees obviously do NOT include the skilled trades like electricians, plummers, and mechanics who now frequently make as much as physicians and the average American cannot afford to pay for their services in an emergency.
Life Rule #1) If one submits to bullshitters, one will be covered in shit.
Not a single radio show host on Sputnik is telling the truth about the coronavirus hoax and the economic train wreck that precipitated it and is being used as a convenient excuse by psychopaths for financial fraud and opportunistically by Orwellian socialist psychopaths of the most extreme nature.
Richard Wolf claims that what we are experiencing is a failure of capitalism, but in reality, we are experiencing a failure of socialism. In capitalism, bankrupt businesses are allowed to fail. After the fourth economic collapse in thirty-three years, with each bail-out bigger than the last, it is the collectivist socialists who have failed the most!
Something smells rotten in America! My guess is that the majority of the stock buy-backs were funnelled to not strictly high-level management, but average workers also demanded them, which they refuse to admit to, since Richard Wolf falsely stated “Under a capitalist system, dividends are paid out to share-holders. Everyone knows that.” Now these same workers and corporate executives that have had massive Pentagon subsidies and have all collectively decided that they are willing, ready, able, and eager to violate the 1st, 4th, and 13th amendment rights of Americans, for their own rapacity and predation are demanding that the government nationalize them!
Fuck you! You deserve nothing! You are evil, sadistic, abusive, predatory fascist, treasonous psychopaths!
How many small businesses and self-employed people have ever been bailed-out by the government?!
The correct answer is Zero!
Now these same socialist, fascist, predatory, psychpaths have violated everyone’s 5th amendment rights as well!
I guess that this was not a black swan, since everyone saw it coming. I am just mad as hell that everyone is so full of shit!
Keep a large stash of bananas for all of this god damned monkey business in this planet of the apes banana republic!
America does not have a government. America has a kleptocratic cult of corruption of anarchists and antichrists that people keep voting for! We know this for an absolute fact since the constitution is the supreme law of the land and virtually every bill that they pass is a confession of treason and high crimes in direct violation of the constitution!
America needs 330 million ventilators and 120.5 billion surgical masks, and 330 million beds, so that everyone is safe from the coronavirus.
Since I am an opponent of fasists, I support ending the shut-down, but I have been self-isolating for over three years now, and this coronavirus hoax, and people’s opportunistic reactions to it leave me with the conclusion that I will continue self-isolation because of all of the psychopaths in America, who are in fact more uncivilized than wild animals, and even scare off wild animals just by being present. 
Only humans develop nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, go to war, and attack their own species on such a mass scale. 
This is beyond animialistic! It is nihilistic and cannibalistic! Ironically, Silicon Valley and the government do not feel compelled to censor polite war-mongers and mass mudrers, as long as they are polite about it.
The bullshit voluminously swells on Loud and Clear with Brian Becker claiming that America has hyper-captialism. America has hyper-fascism. They wish to continue and ramp it up, merely nescessitating themselves ( so they believe! but under socialist fascism, the corporation might survive, but they would probably not!) the through forced nationalization so that they can grab a larger slice of the pie for themselves!
Not only that but Monsanto minimally and cosmetically alters its products and rebrands them, and was also reported selling them under another brand altogether in Europe.
The Bildeberg/Davos group are literally trying to kill us! With everything from drugs, vaccines, poluted water, unsafe food products with known toxic substances, nuclear waste releases, pyromaniac fires on oil refineries and hazardous chemical plants in Texas, pyromaniac fires in California, Wi-Fi, cell-phones, radiation treatments, and barber surgeries!
It would not surprise me if all of the world leaders decided that they are going to all launch their nuclear weapons at the same time and thought that they would just give people a few weeks off prior to doing it. The coronavirus response is a hoax as a result of financial fraud. The nuclear waste issue is far more of a threat to civilization than the coronavirus! There is no solution to it and there never will be! It is a problem without a solution!
The insanely opportunistic tin foil hat alarmists, opportunists, CYA  agents, and propagandists have continued total insanity and continued ignoring fact inconvenient information regarding the COVID-19 hype on Sputnik  Radio show Fault Lines with professor and economist Mark Frost who said that he “Wants the government to protect me and my family from my crazy neighbor who believes that the coronavirus is no worse than the flu.”
Fault Line hosts say that math proves that the coronavirus is worse than the flu, but did not provide the math, which would be an essential element to make that claim. They did provide computer simmulated modeled numbers which do not correlate to reality, so they cannot make the claim that the math proves it.
Fault Line propagandists also use the line of circular logic which is becoming the main line of propagandists on Sputnik that all of the countries in the world would not be on lock down if this was not truly an emergency. Fault Line and other radio show hosts on Sputnik conveniently ignore the fact that Sweden is not on lock down, and that not a single country in the world, which all have intelligence agencies and many are not even allies of America reported the truth about the faked 9/11 Islamic terrorist hoax. Sputnik radio show hosts also conveniently ignore that the WHO has been overstating viral threats, contagion rates, and fatality rates dating back as far as 2005, particularly in 2009 with the Swine Flu threat, and that with the economic collapse that precipitated the COVID-19 hype and hysteria that there are $640 trillion in derivatives compared to 2008 with $28 trillion in derivatives, and that stock market capitalization went from the ridiculously high 110% of GDP at the end of 2016 to the insanely high ratio of 155% at the end of 2019, while corporate, government and household debt all ballooned at the same time! So those are the incentives for TPTB to use this as an excuse and as a fall guy for their own failures. 
The oil market crash has had a profound effect on all of this as well, which occured on March 5th of this year.
The Fault Line propagandists falsely claim the every physician and medical expert in the world is saying how life threatenning COVID-19 is, but Dr. Anthony Fauci that is the director of the National Institute of Health stated himself in a peer reviewed study that it will just be similar to a bad flu year.
Part of the hype is based on a new testing method using Polymerase chain reaction testing which tests for the most minute quantities of the pathogen in tests which is why they are claiming that 80-90% of the population will contract the virus. Of the percentage that are exposed to it and have the antigens present in tests, an estimated 25% of the population may experience symptoms.
The fact that a different measure is being used cannot be overlooked in any scientific approach. Using an apples to oranges comparison will not yeild accuarte data when making comparisons to the past, which is what is currently being done.
Every year 50-70 % of the population experience ARI ( accute respiratory symptoms) from viruses ranging from the common cold, to the flu, and coronaviruses whose threats have been overstated in the past.
This will not be as fatal as SARS Severe Accute Respiratory Syndrome according to experts. 
I believe that a very high percentage of the population has always died from ARI, in the act of dying, many experience what is referred to as the Rattle of Death, and that has been a long established fact, and is a result of respiratory failure. 
All of the facts prove that this is a conspiracy, and that Sputnik propagandists are in on the conspiracy. They have been guilty far too many times for lies of ommission, which places them as propagandists and not reporters, just like the main stream media! They frequently resort to circular logic and lies of omission and cannot be taken seriously!
If there was a black swan in any of this, from my outsiders perspective, it was Saudi Arabia ramping up oil production on March 5th. Following the Union Bosses has proven to be a losers strategy in Wisconsin, when they took control of recalling Scott Walker and failed, and took control of the election campaigns to get rid of Walker, and he got re-elected. If the Union Bosses just stepped aside, sat down, and shut up, Hillary Clinton would not have been the 2016 nominee, and Trump would not have been elected. Trusting the retards that got everyone into this mess will not get them out of it!
The statement politics makes strange bed-fellows keeps getting proven to be true. The mortal enemy of TPTB went from being Russia to being the coronavirus, both of which led to the most unimaginable alliances and both based on complete bullshit.
When gig workers are spewing nonsense about the same enemy as the richest people in world history, it is time to wake up, and realize that you have been fooled twice!
I could not possibly say, shame on you to the gig workers for being fooled twice, but I will say shame on you to the Union thugs that are using you as tools to elevate themselves, will destroy your lives, reputations, and credibility, by psyopping you to use their ends justify the means mentallity, which unfortunately means that you are nothing but a means to an end for THEM, making all of you disspensible, disposable, and unnecessary to THEM in the broader scheme of things!
If you are an insta-cart shopper, are you able to work independently without insta-cart ? Did you sign a non-compete agreement with insta-cart? Hopefully you did not! Can you apply directly to the retailers as well as consumers? Can you hand out fliers that you are offering your services to consumers? These are questions that you should be asking yourselves.
For domestic workers, can you doccument notifications to labor organiers that you have appealed to for employer abuses that have not yeilded results in your favor within 30 days, a reasonable time frame? It seems that they are just stringing you along and forcing you to garnish a percentage of your wages to them. I am extremely suspicious of those labor organizers of migrant workers and highly suspect that they are involved in human trafficking and enslavement rings!
I have reason to believe that the CIA murdered my mother on 12/05/2014 since she worked for the American Academy of Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology, which Dirictor of The Institute Of National Health Dr. Anthony Fauci was a member of. My Mother was extremely intelligent, honest, and had a total disdain for corruption.
She was 70 years old and her mother lived to be 97 and her father to be 101. She was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and died less than thirty days after diagnosis and receiving treatment. My brother went to pick her up to take her for chemo treatment and found her passed out on the floor, naked in a fetal position and she was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.
After my mother had passed away, I was in her condo getting it ready for sale and found several surgical masks in clothing drawers, which was odd, considering how organized my mother was, and she did not use them herself.
Shortly after that, I was driving to a meeting and a strange man was walking with a surgical mask and a radio-flyer wagon full of things which was covered with a tarp. I stopped and asked him if he was o.k. because it was something highly out of the ordinary for Ozaukee County. He asked if I could tell him how to get to Cedarburg. I asked him where in Cedarburg he was trying to get to, then the police pulled up and started talking to him, and I drove away. There was a surgical mask laying on the ground outside of the place where the meeting was after the meeting.
I believe that all of this must somehow be related and that they were worried that my Mother may have had knowledge and contacts which would have prevented this COVID-19 hype from happenning.
My Mother died on 12/04/2015.
I think that the most tragic thing in all of this is that this is without question international psychological torture, terrorism, and child abuse orchestrated by the WHO and governments around the world, since children rely on information told to them by their parents who will be faced with the horor of lying to their children, or telling them that the government and medical community is evil, sadistic and corrupt. That is unforgivable! It is sadistic as hell! They really must be removed from society! All of this to cover up their financial fraud?! So, you can understand why I believe that self-isolation is the best choice for me!
Not to mention, that they are worried about how to prvide for them while being held hostages!
The CIA gang on Sputnik Loud and Clear radio show are sounding more and more like Hillary Clinton in their propaganda war against the coronavirus which they believe that the government must use to deprive Americans of even more rights and all of it is based on circular logic and lies of omission and an insatiable desire to increase fascism.
Since there always have been and always will be zoonotic diseases, even their fascist desire to forcefully test people and isolate people who have the COVID-19 antigen present, the population would still be at risk of contracting it, since it is zoonotic.
It is best if those who are fearful of the coronavirus and those who are in high risk categories would choose to self-isolate if they are not willing to risk their lives, since this is similar in nature to a bad flu epidemic.
They mock the government for declaring war on the coronavirus as far as closing borders, but criticize the government for not forcefully testing and isolating people.
They sound just like Hillary Clinton blaming Russia! The longer that it goes on, the crazier and more convolluted it sounds! They are evil, sadistic, fascist, opportunistic psychopaths and propagandists with deviant personality disorder and megalomania with total disregard for everyone in society, since the overwhelming majority of people had no way of preparing for indefinite home isolation and indefinite loss of income! They are terrorist thugs! Obviously CIA CYA agents!
They serve as reminders that America is full of psychopaths that are far more life threatenning than the coronavirus!
Last year 2.89 million Americans died, which would average at 7,917.8 deaths per day. Since many people in Italy had died of non covid-19 related things or illnesses but the antigen was detected in them, they have a higher and false rate of deaths attributed to the disease. It is an ad-hoc conclusion to arrive at simply because the covid-19 was detected in the individuals, that it was the actual cause of death.
The covid-19 hype has proven what we already know. TPTB are pathological liars that do not give a damn about human life! Why would they start telling the truth and start caring about human life now?
Obviously, they care less and less with each passing day, since the policies that they enact threaten human life more and more each day, and they continue the pathological lying with increased voracity!
They could say that 3 million people died today of the coronavirus. They are pathological liars! They lied about 9/11 and they are lying about this too!
We must keep telling them, ” I don’t believe you. You are pathological liars!”
A poem for the fascists:
I watched the world fall apart,
Disinclined to think – That’s a start,
Although the world was united around evil and bullshit,
The bullshit voluminously swells,
In the bullshit coronavirus revolution,
Led by crowned fascist shithead propaganda clowns,
That took the bribes from the Global Engagement Center and Lea Gabrielle, or mocked the same,
I’m watching you drowning in your own bullshit,
And will not lend a hand,
Until you admit that you’re full of shit!
This is a humble offering of rhyme, reason, and poetic justice,
Because there is no justice in the U.S.,
Just United Shit!
The propagandists on Sputnik radio love the Chinese government and applaud the Chinese government for isolating the coronavirus that occured in Wuhan shortly after the Wuhan Military Games, and shortly after the CDC shut down the Fort Detrick Bioweapons lab for repeated failure to prevent pathogen leaks.
Patrick Henningsen of 21stCenturywire reminded me of the July 2019 Wuhan protests that occured after CCTV reported that incinerators planned for Wuhan to incinerate waste would be installed and that incinerators used by the government in other cities resulted in the release of carcinogenic dioxins. After a week of protests, an unidentified number of people were removed from protests by authorities and domestic reports on the incidents of the protests were quickly censored and vanished.
Nobody can deny the level of mass surveillance as well as fascist control that the Chinese government exerts over the population. 
Rather than Sputnik radio show host Wilmur Leon as well as his guests, and Loud and Clear hosts and guests criticizing the Chinese government as well as the United States government for extreme censorship, mass surveillance, and fascist control over their citizens, they hold it up as a model for how American government ought to be, echoing unconstitutional executive orders and bills of confessions of high crimes and treason, proving once again that they are government propagandists. 
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been active in China and has an office in China supporting vaccination programs and is working with WHO.
Similarly, Donald Trump, the Republicans, and the military cannot criticize the Chinese government when they are enacting policies used by the Chinese government which they are criticizing it for!
Major corruption, incompetency, and conflicts of interest at Expert Texpert WHO:
TPTB and propagandists including Sputnik radio show hosts have shown us who their enemies are! It is not the coronavirus. No. They lied again! Their mortal enemies are the constitution and American citizens. Yep. They want to enslave or kill us. The facts prove it.
Sputnik Fault Lines radio show host GEC propagandist or mocking bird claims that people who claim that the coronavirus is hype and a TPTB conspiracy have not proven that and are simply making baseless allegations, however, I have offered more proof that it is a TPTB conspiracy than they have that to prove that it is real! They are basing their information on hear say from proven pathological liars in the governments and Medical Mafia, without any proof to support those claims!
On Fault Lines radio show, Tom Luongo made the audacious claim that ” Trump’s entire policies are based on the premise of what is best for the American people, whether he is right or not is a different question.”
Unfortunately, it is impossible to believe that. Trump’s entire policies are based on what is best for Israel, proven by moving the embassy to Al Quds, recognizing illegal settlements that no other government recognizes as Israeli land, the “Deal of the century” for Israel, in addition to censoring critics of Israel who are not Jews, just for starters on Trump’s Israel first policy which is the center of the Trump presidency!
Everyone in the Middle East knows that Israel is the problem! The facts prove that they are land theives, terrorists, and sadistic Netenazis on a quest for leibenstraum!
Sputnik Proagandist Fault Lines show host Lee Stannahan is now also advertising for heroin, claiming that the best musicians were all heroin addicts, which shows just what a reckless and irresponsible psychopath he is when Amerixa is suffering from a heroin epidemic. There are and have been great musicians that were heroin addicts, but the best have not been heroin addicts if people consider the classical musicians that wrote concertos and operas. To insinuate that taking life threatenning drugs will improve music is an absurd ad hoc conclusion! It was the pathos and suffering from personal anguish from society that led to the drug addiction which created the great music, and not the fact that they were drug addicts!
Lee Stannahan said that he is a blues pianist. Does Lee take heroin himself to improve his music?
More  evidence of SPDR (SPYER) eggs in coronavirus bubble yum! Deep state manufactured wilderness of mirrors!
Leading the coronavirus hype fake bullshit revolution are nurses complaining about corporate profit seeking being the problem. Maybe the nurses are oblivious to the fact that most hospitals are listed as non-profit organizations, but have been earning record profits anyways! 
That would make corruption the biggest problem, since they should not be earing profits when listed as non-profit organizations! Considering that government corruption is rampant, the problem would not be solved strictly by socialism! No economic system can survive with government and institutional corruption so rampant as it is in America!
From Revcycleintelligence:
“At the top of this list was the non-profit Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse, Wisconsin, which raked in $302.5 million in profit (or $4,241 per patient) from patient care services. Sutter Medical Center, which is located in Sacramento, California, came in second place by earning $271.9 million. Other non-profit top performers included Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto, California, which earned almost $225 million and University of Pennsylvania’s hospital in Philadelphia, which earned $184.5 million in 2013.
A top preforming for-profit hospital was Medical City Dallas Hospital in Dallas, Texas. This hospital had a profit of about $210.3 million in 2013.”
Relief for the Middle East appears to be in the cards if Biden wins, and shifts military focus to China and Russia, and in the cards if Trump stays in power, and in the cards under a military coup in America which is unfortunately appearing more and more likely, because the Pentagon is the entity issuing the “intelligence” to do this!
So the only thing wrong with the military is that their enemies in the Middle East were not Nuclear Super Powers. It couldn’t possibly be the fact that you can’t win a war based on bullshit and that none of those countries violated American sovereignty!
Hey, thanks for the cargo plane full of medical supplies Putin! That will come in handy before the military tries to kick Russia’s and China’s asses and fails!
There are many counterfeits that are cheap inferior knock-offs that have been illeglly spying on me and repeating things that I have said, done, or created, that have been illegally enslaving and falsely imprisoning me in my own home for the past few years by violating my property and threatenning my life, using game theory model that if B follows A, B will win, but life is not a game of tic tac toe.
If i said a few years ago that the correct answer is 5, they just keep yelling 5, 5, 5, 5,, oblivious to the fact that the equation has changed, since they are political hacks that have repeatedly hacked to silence me to hogh jack my life and deep fakes without any critical thinking skills! But they are narcissists and megalomaniacs, and twist things, in an effort to game the system since they are mentally incompetent losers that cannot even afford integrity!
There are many counterfeits that are cheap inferior knock-offs that have been illeglly spying on me and repeating things that I have said, done, or created, that have been illegally enslaving and falsely imprisoning me in my own home for the past few years by violating my property and threatenning my life, using game theory model that if B follows A, B will win, but life is not a game of tic tac toe.
If i said a few years ago that the correct answer is 5, they just keep yelling 5, 5, 5, 5,, oblivious to the fact that the equation has changed, since they are political hacks that have repeatedly hacked to silence me to high jack my life and deep fakes without any critical thinking skills! But they are narcissists and megalomaniacs, and twist things, in an effort to game the system since they are mentally incompetent losers that cannot even afford integrity!
Another suspicious coronavirus death of a high ranking Middle Eastern official in Cairo of former Libyan interim PM Mahmoud Jabril!
A message from 100 Big Brothers advocating for increased surveillance in a typical Orwellian Big Brother Double Speak fashion! What shall we call it? The Human Rights Act, like The Patriot Act?!
No, we do not share the same dream!
America stands no chance of survival because it is thoroughly corrupt and rotten to the core. The exuecutive, legislative, and judicial branches and legal sector are thoroughly corrupt. The military, police, and intelligence agencies are thoroughly corrupt. The medical industry is thoroghly corrupt. The media is thoroughly corrupt. The financial sector is thoroghly corrupt. State and local governments are thoroghly corrupt. The corporate sector is corrupt. The tech sector is thoroughly corrupt. The education and university sectors are thoroughly corrupt. The non-profit and charity sectors are corrupt. The oversight agencies like the EPA, FDA, and CDC are thoroughly corrupt. The prisons and jails are run by people that are more corrupt and violent criminals than the people that are in them!
The nuber one priority must be ending corruption! I have no faith in that happenning!
It’s not me it’s you! I’d rather fail alone than with evil retarded psychopaths like you, because you will definitely fail!
Great solution. Fortunately, there is no (great) power on Earth willing to support or enforce such a solution
You and what army?
This will just lead to war and is pointless.
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