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10 Best Firefighter Shows, According To IMDb – TV – CBR – Comic Book Resources

From Station 19 to Chicago Fire, the best firefighter shows have earned high IMDb ratings with their dramatic storylines and captivating plots.
One of NBC's most popular shows is Chicago Fire, which follows the firefighters, paramedics, and rescue squad in Firehouse 51 as they respond to emergencies and work through struggles in their personal lives. Firefighter shows have captivated audiences for years with their dramatic, high-stakes, and captivating storylines.
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Almost every major network has tried their hand at a series about firefighters, whether it be a drama like Station 19 or a comedy like The Family Man. IMDb has ranked various firefighter shows based on their writing, direction, and performances, so fans can easily find out which are the best firefighter shows.
Rescue 77 was a short-lived series that followed the lives of three paramedics at Station 77 in Los Angeles. With Gregory Widen as executive producer, a former paramedic and firefighter, Rescue 77 strived to give fans a more realistic depiction of firefighting.
While the drama show had potential, other shows like ER were getting more attention, ultimately beating Rescue 77 in ratings and ending the show before audiences could get invested in the characters. The show is not streaming on any platform currently.
The Family Man was a different kind of firefighter show, as it focused more on fire captain Jack Taylor's home life than his career. Jack struggles to cope with his wife's death while raising his four children, who were all at different stages in their lives.
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The Family Man used Jack's father-in-law for comedic relief as he tried to help alleviate Jack of some of his duties. The Family Man only ran for 22 episodes before it was canceled and can't be found on streaming. Despite being a more wholesome take on the firefighter TV show, The Family Man couldn't compete with more dramatic firehouse shows.
Station 19 has one of the best backdoor pilots, as the show got its start on Grey's Anatomy through Ben. Station 19, much like its parent show, has no shortage of dramatic and heartbreaking storylines. The spin-off follows the firefighters of the Seattle Fire Station 19 as they combat blazes while battling their own personal issues.
By balancing other topics, such as corrupt leadership and workplace romances, fans get a lot more than just action-packed drama. Characters from Grey's Anatomy appear in Station 19 at times, so it has plenty of appeal for fans of medical dramas.
Code Red was a short-lived firefighter series that ran from 1981 to 1982. The show was based in Los Angeles and followed a veteran fire chief as he prepared to hand the firehouse off to his successor: his son, who was following in his footsteps.
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As the show aired in the early evening, Code Red added educational segments, as the youngest son, Danny, taught viewers about fire safety. While this gave Code Red a more realistic feel than other series, viewers wanted more drama from their firefighting shows. The show was canceled after 20 episodes.
9-1-1 Lone Star has a star-studded cast, with Rob Lowe leading the series as Owen Strand, a firefighter and paramedic in Texas. Lone Star is a spin-off of 9-1-1 and follows Owen as he balances his personal life with his stressful job.
Hen, Eddie, Buck, and Athena all appear in crossover events between Lone Star and the original 9-1-1. Lone Star weaves real-life issues into its storylines and features plenty of high-pressure situations that have viewers questioning whether their favorite characters will survive.
For its gorgeous visuals and captivating plot, Fire Force has earned a 7.8 rating on IMDb. Shinra and the rest of Special Fire Force Company 8 must fight supernatural fires while trying to break a curse, as human beings spontaneously burst into flames, known as "Infernals."
Generations of Infernals have evolved to possess powerful abilities, such as pyrokenesis. These supernatural elements set Fire Force apart from other firefighter shows. The anime boasts an action-packed plot and impressive choreography, but it has mostly flown under the radar.
9-1-1 is one of Fox's most recent drama series. Starring Angela Bassett, Peter Krause, and Kenneth Choi, 9-1-1 follows several firefighters, paramedics, and police officers in Los Angeles as they put their lives on the line to save civilians. Much like its spin-off, 9-1-1 Lone Star, the show balances the first responders' emergencies and their personal lives.
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9-1-1 mixes real-life issues with fast-paced and high-stakes drama. Like other firefighting shows, each season of 9-1-1 ends with a big emergency that pulls all the characters together and usually ends on a cliffhanger.
Now in its 11th season, Chicago Fire is starting to lose steam, but the show is still one of NBC's most successful series. As part of the One Chicago franchise, Chicago Fire has given viewers dramatic crossover events with Law & Order, Chicago PD, and Chicago Med.
Romances and personal issues outside the firehouse are some of the most significant storylines in Chicago Fire. Still, at its core, the show focuses on firefighting and problems that affect real-life departments. The series has tackled everything from negligence and corruption at the highest command level to illnesses caused by exposure to dangerous chemicals.
Rescue 8 follows a rescue squad in Los Angeles as they respond to emergencies and save people from unusual near-death experiences. The drama series enjoyed such huge success during its two seasons that it aired reruns for nearly a decade after its final episode.
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Rescue 8 predates the wildly popular firefighter show Emergency, which premiered in the '70s and laid the groundwork for most firefighter shows afterward. While Rescue 8 isn't available for streaming, fans fondly remember the daring rescues and beloved characters. Rescue 8 ran for 70 episodes before being canceled.
Rescue Me was a refreshing firefighting show, as the main focus was not on what was happening in the firehouse. Set in New York City, Rescue Me centers around a firefighter who returns to work after the tragedy of 9/11. Unlike other firefighting shows, Rescue Me's goal was to show the darker side of being a first responder.
Rescue Me tackles serious topics like alcoholism, mental health, homophobia, and the dangerous reality of emergency service work. The show approached these issues with dark humor, earning several award wins and nominations for its direction, acting, and writing during its seven-year run.
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