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10 Ashton Kutcher Rom-Coms To Watch Before 'Your Place or Mine' – Collider

No strings attached!
It's just a few days away before Your Place or Mine, which debuts on Netflix on February 10th. The upcoming rom-com movie follows Debbie (Reese Witherspoon), who decides to follow a lifetime goal, and her long-distance best friend, played by Ashton Kutcher, offers to watch over her teenage son. The best friends soon realize the unexpected profound impact they have on each other’s lives.
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The movie will mark Kutcher’s return to the romantic comedy genre since his last appearance in 2011 after dominating the genre for almost a decade. Thus, there are numerous of his rom-com movies fans should add to their watchlist before watching his latest movie, Your Place or Mine.
No String Attached follows two friends, Emma Kurtzman (Natalie Portman) and Adam Franklin (Kutcher) who agree to form a “no strings attached” relationship where they only have sex without actually falling in love with one another.
No Strings Attached is an entertaining film that contains several genuinely hilarious moments, and every member of the cast brightens the screen with wit and charisma. Natalie Portman gives a seductive, vulnerable and open performance in the movie, and Ashton Kutcher also excels in his own unique way.
During a drunken night in the titular city, What Happens in Vegas centers on a couple, played by Cameron Diaz and Kutcher, getting married and winning a casino jackpot reward, but their straightforward plan to seek a speedy divorce and divide the money is complicated by the judge's decision.
Despite receiving a lot of negative reviews, the film is undeniably amusing, entertaining and filled with traditional rom-com clichés that many fans will find enjoyable. Furthermore, Diaz and Kutcher’s chemistry is incredible, and as the pair keeps the naughty marriage shocks and surprises coming, they easily draw the audience into their journey.
Valentine’s Day takes place on the titular day and tells the stories of the exploits of a dozen Angelenos as they experience this day from dawn to dusk. Kutcher plays Reed Bennett, a florist who’s in a complicated relationship with his ambitious girlfriend (Jessica Alba) but only to realize it too late.
Director Garry Marshall understands his audience well, thus, he delivers a film that is wrapped up in a heart-shaped box with several love stories that everyone can easily relate to, especially on this day. Moreover, Kutcher, who starred in a talented ensemble cast, manages to shine effortlessly in his own way.
New Year’s Eve is the second installment in an unofficial trilogy of underrated romantic comedy films directed by Garry Marshall. The film, like Valentine’s Day, also takes place on the title day and recounts a number of intertwined stories of people having various issues. Kutcher played Randy, a comic book artist, who detests New Year's Eve because his fiancée dumped him while they were out, and he gets trapped in an elevator with Elise (Lea Michelle), an aspiring singer on New Year’s Eve.
With limited initial likability in the role of Randy, Kutcher reinvented himself as someone very different from his Valentine's Day character. However, thanks to Kutcher's great portrayal, viewers can easily identify with Randy and empathize with him all the way to the unforgettable New Year's celebration in the movie.
Just Married follows charming, somewhat impoverished and silly Tom (Kutcher) who falls in love with Sarah McNerney (Brittany Murphy), the privileged daughter of pompous snob tycoon McNerney. She and Peter Prentiss (Christian Kane) have to get married and take a beautiful honeymoon that Tom cannot afford to Europe. Every step of the way, all sorts of tragedies put their relationship to the ultimate test.
Despite being a brand-new original comedy with some dated jokes, Just Married is surprisingly entertaining and wholesome rom-com for fans of this genre due to Murphy’s great performance and the duo’s incredible on-screen chemistry.
My Boss’s Daughter follows a young man, played by Kutcher, who housesits for his boss since he believes it would be an ideal opportunity to get closer to the woman he is crushing on, the boss's daughter (Tara Reid).
Despite being detested by both reviewers and the audience, the movie is still entertaining and hilarious, and spectators don't need to exert any effort to enjoy it. Additionally, the film serves as evidence of Kutcher's natural ability to be funny because he does so without even trying.
A rom-com not a lot of people have seen, Guess Who follows Theresa (Zoe Saldaña), a young Black woman who is about to introduce her fiance, played by Kutcher, to her family on the weekend. However, they are not informed by Theresa that Simon is white. Theresa’s father’s (Bernie Mac) typical distrust of boyfriends is complicated by their race, so he starts looking into Simon after learning that he recently lost his job and hasn't notified Theresa.
The film is essentially a parody of Meet the Parents, yet it is continually entertaining and has just enough satire to seem new. The movie never fails to make the viewers laugh with a startling constancy that shows it has the ability to suitably appeal to a broad and diverse audience.
A Lot Like Love centers on Oliver (Kutcher) and Emily (Amanda Peet) who connect on a flight from Los Angeles to New York, only to realize they are not a good match for one another. But throughout the course of the following seven years, they frequently reconcile, progressing from being acquaintances to close friends to lovers.
A Lot Like Love avoids the rom-com clichés thanks to clever writing, some stunning photography and the chemistry between its two leading characters. Moreover, the film is a charming love story, infused with the tenderness and optimism of director Nigel Cole’s previous works such as Saving Grace and Calendar Girls.
Killers follow Jen Kornfeldt (Katherine Heigl) who takes a trip to Nice, France, with her parents, after a terrible breakup. There, she meets and falls in love with Spencer Aimes (Kutcher), a professional assassin. Three years later, when they settle into married life, Spencer’s past catches up with him.
The movie has a respectable balance of action and rom-com, so fans who come seeking both won't be let down. In addition, despite its shortcomings, the movie nevertheless manages to generate enough laughter throughout to be worth seeing.
Down to You follows college-bound young lovers Al and Imogen, played by Freddie Prinze Jr. and Julia Stiles, who experience the ups and downs of a relationship. Kutcher portrayed Jim Morrison, Imogen’s musician acquaintance whose appearance and behavior resemble his namesake, Jim Morrison of The Doors.
If viewers don’t get distracted by the convoluted plot, Down to You is worth seeing for the performances of the leading characters as well as the supporting ones. Kutcher, who only appears in limited screen time, delivers his portrayal well with some memorable moments.
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